Sunday, December 9, 2018

Why choose MLopez Contracting Corp.?

Commitment to Quality & Excellence

On each and every job, MLCC is committed to delivering the following:


Dependability is living up to our word and fulfilling our promises. Our clients and team members desire our respect, expertise, and honesty. When the project is finished, our goal is to be remembered as an excellent partner that delivered the promised results and is worthy of our client's repeat business and referrals.

MLCC and our staff meet current OSHA and municipal safety requirements. Our Behavior-Based Safety program is a model for the industry. MLCC puts safety first, and we are always looking for ways to improve our performance in this area. Projects are led with safety, and our people are always looking for opportunities to help others to work safer and smarter.


Integrity is being honest and forthright in all our dealings. We have the responsibility to ensure that our words align with our actions.

We are committed to maintain the highest level of quality in the services we complete. Our desire to satisfy our clients and add value to their projects is unsurpassed.


Trust is having confidence in another's character, expertise, abilities, and integrity. This confidence is earned every day, on every project, and during every interaction we have with people. Clients rely on us to help them be successful on current projects and in the long term. Trust is the cornerstone to building strong relationships with clients and team members.

We are driven to be highly productive and work hard to finish our clients' projects on, or ahead of schedule. We combine innovation (doing it different) with good old hard work to help us complete complex projects under tight schedules. All work is performed by MLCC's team of qualified personnel.


Quality is about providing lasting value in the eyes of our clients. Our qualified and trained professionals focus on achieving the client's goal by delivering superior services. We earn loyalty through our focus on quality, safety, and productivity.


Family focuses on building a strong sense of community at work. Here our team is a family - we learn and grow together, building strong relationships and a support network with each other.


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